The 'Fashion Lab' Development Project

A Sustainable Development Structure that DEVELOPS the business behind African Fashion.



Fashion Lab is a business development project formed to develop, grow and sustain the business behind the African Fashion Industry by providing a sewing & garment production curriculum program, skill factory workshops/seminars, affordable showroom space for designers & networking forums to enable the African fashion industry and beyond to elevate their skills and grow their fashion industry-related businesses. The project creates job opportunities while elevating the small businesses within both the rural and urban sector through education.


Our mission:

To help develop, grow and sustain the business behind the African Fashion Industry.



Our objectives:

  • To develop/ transfer sewing skills both to the rural and urban fashion industry through workshops, skill factories and our sewing & garment production carillon program.

  • To develop business skills to the fashion designers around tools required to engage and win business within the local, Pan-African & Global industry.

  • To develop fashion industry infrastructure which will to facilitate sustainable economic growth within South Africa and beyond through the “Fashion Lab” model.

  • To inspire/ motivate an entrepreneurial model within the local fashion Industry.

  • To encourage economic empowerment through helping small business incubate/develop through the Fashion Lab Project.

  • To transfer business skills to other existing established Fashion-industry-related businesses.

  • To create a space for Ex-mine workers to rehabilitate and start a fresh by acquiring new skills through our sewing curriculum program.



The Fashion Lab Development Center center offers:


  • Regular Skill Factory workshops and seminars for aspiring creatives/individuals who would like to grow/expand their skill-sets/business/organizations.

  • Fashion Lab Curricullum offering Garment production courses throughout the year calendar.

  • Inexpensive Rental Showroom space for Emerging & Established African Fashion Designers.

  • Fashion Lab “Chill out Café” for networking and connections

  • Computer room for computer related courses/ptojects

  • Monthly Fashion photo/runway showcases of featured designers




Fashion Lab ensures that the development & sustainability of the fashion industry is maintained and monitored by professionals who play imperative roles within the industry.